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Available Formats

TOSS Technical and Administraton Manual (ISBN 0874257883) - Book

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Test of Supervisory Skills (TOSS)

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  • 2004

Key Features

Test of Supervisory Skills (TOSS) is a kit that includes 10 question booklets, 25 answer sheets, and an administrative manual. In order to administer the test properly, all three of the components must be utilized.

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Product Description

The Test of Supervisory Skills (TOSS), formerly Elements of Supervision, is a 70-item, multiple-choice, untimed test that taps the knowledge required for successful supervision.

 Are you looking for a way to test the supervisory skills of a member of your staff? Whether you are interviewing them for a promotion or need to know which member of your team possesses leadership skills, the Test of Supervisory Skills series is an assessment tool that you will grow to appreciate. Authored by Erich Prien, Ph.D. and Leonard Goodstein, Ph.D., you can feel certain that you have purchased a high-quality product that will get you the results you need.

For a small investment of time and money, you will have over 70 multiple-choice questions that will define the answers you need for team planning and strategy implementation. Formerly known as the Elements of Supervision, the Test of Supervisory Skills is based on scientific research that notes repeated behaviors of good managers. By using a pencil, potential supervisors are tested in an untimed setting that is easy to score.

When utilizing all three parts of the kit, the Test of Supervisory Skills guarantees results. For instance, the questions are based around seven basic behaviors of good supervisors. Mainly, these characteristics center around project planning, direct supervision, problem analysis, interpersonal relations, the ability to select staff, and the skills to communicate with a wide range of personalities.

This series can also be used to determine which skill sets a potential supervisor needs to improve before accepting the position. When you have effectively re-trained them, you can use the same packet of materials to retest to see if there are any noticeable improvements.

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