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Available Formats

Time Management Effectiveness Profile (pack of 5) - An Assessment

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Time Management Effectiveness Profile Diagnostic Assessment

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  • Jon Warner


  • 2001

Key Features

These assessments are now available in minimum quantities of 5 or more. Facilitation materials come complete with one assessment.

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Product Description

The Time Management Effectiveness Profile assesses an individual's existing capacity to manage his or her time efficiently and highlights specific areas where improvement might be possible.

Are you looking for new ways to increase your productivity? Focusing on the individual, author Jon Warner provides some of his best coaching tips in his book, "Time Management Effectiveness Profile."

Within these pages, Warner uses his 20 years of experience as a professional manager and human resources senior staff member at various multinational corporations. Warner created this text to give individuals an assessment of how much time they currently have and whether they can increase their efficiency.

Improve with "Time Management Effectiveness Profile" Diagnostic Assessment

When improvements can be made in time management, Warner carefully guides readers through the process of cleaning up their act. Obviously, if Warner can give top companies such as Dow Corning, Coca-Cola, Quantas and National Bank ideas on best practices for leadership, he can certainly offer his readers a great deal. Along with "Time Management Effectiveness Profile," there is also a coaching tips section in the Assessment Faciliator's Kit (sold separately).

Why Time Management Effectiveness Profile Diagnostic Assessment is worth your time

Currently, Warner is a member of management with Team Publications PTY Limited. This company specifically focuses on creating coaching materials for workplace productivity and training. For this reason, you will find that "Time Management Effectiveness Profile" is only one of many exciting products from Warner. Along with being a CEO and holding a doctorate in Organizational Change and Learning, he has managed to publish over two hundred books on business best practices.

The seven main subjects taught with this book are:

  • How to delegate
  • How to manage interruptions
  • How to have the skills to manage under pressure
  • Attitude, temperament and predisposition
  • Setting up the groundwork for a productive day
  • Staying organized
  • Being results oriented

In the end, readers will find that "Time Management Effectiveness Profile" is a tool that helps them to accomplish their goals within the workplace. To get started with this profitable productivity assessment, order Warner’s book today.

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