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Available Formats

Available Formats

PREVIEW Paradigm Mastery - Entire Series VHS - VHS

Item#: SDC009VV  Language: English
Available Formats

Paradigm Mastery - Entire Series - VHS

Item#: SDC009VV  Language: English
Available Formats

Video - Change & Leadership - VHS

Item#: SDC009VVA  Language: English
Available Formats

Video- The Paradigm Effect - VHS

Item#: SDC009VVB  Language: English
Available Formats

Video- The Paradigm Curve - VHS

Item#: SDC009VVC  Language: English
Available Formats

Video- Paradigm Partners - VHS

Item#: SDC009VVD  Language: English
Available Formats

Video- Paradigm Hunting - VHS

Item#: SDC009VVE  Language: English
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Paradigm Mastery Series with Joel Barker

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  • Joel Barker

Key Features

Purchase two or more different Joel Barker programs and receive a 20% discount!

Purchase price reduced to $695 effective January 2010!

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Product Description

A five-part video retreat with Joel Barker

The "Paradigm Mastery Series" transforms paradigm theory into an action-oriented program to manage change. In this five-part video retreat, Joel Barker discusses powerful insights on change and offers practical instruction on how to turn these insights into actions.

The Paradigm Master Series, a five-part video retreat hosted by Joel Barker, transforms paradigm theory into a dynamic action-based program. In this series, Joel Barker motivates participants to manage change as he shares powerful insights and offers practical instructions for bringing these insights to life through practical action.

With "Paradigm Mastery Series with Joel Barker", you can help your customers:

  • Better manage the time they spend between the present and the future.
  • Learn ways in which they can step beyond their current boundaries in order to both anticipate and manage their own future.
  • Begin planning the ways and times they will effect change, rather than waiting and wondering when or if change will come.
  • Identify the different ways in which various individuals react to change and learn how to effectively leverage these differences to problem solve.
  • Discover the most effective manner in which to involve others and work together to reveal new paradigms.

The Paradigm Master Series includes the following five individual programs:
1. Change and Leadership
2. The Paradigm Effect
3. The Paradigm Curve
4. Paradigm Partners
5. Paradigm Hunting

In addition to five individual videos, attractively packaged in a decorative box for simple storage or display, the program also includes a VHS cassette with Insight and Application Guide.

Special Offers

The Paradigm Mastery Series is now available at the reduced price of only $695! Additionally, with the purchase of two or more different programs from Joel Barker, customers will receive another 20 percent discount. Order now to take advantage of these phenomenal savings.

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