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Available Formats

Available Formats

Entire Series of 8 Titles - DVD (50 mins) - DVD

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Effective People Skills Compilation

Key Features

8 module VHS or DVD series (50 minutes)

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Product Description

How much could a failure to communicate cost your organization?

Research shows that a lack of interpersonal skills is an expensive  lapse in skills—in addition to the affect on your team’s morale, performance, and productivity, replacing an employee can cost anywhere from $75,000-$100,000. Teaching your workforce how to resolve conflicts is a skill you simply cannot afford not to develop.

The Effective People Skills Compilation (video series) offers specific skills to effectively handle  the four major types of conflict.

The Effective People Skills Compilation is a series of eight video workshops that cover a variety of potential conflicts in the workplace, teaching employees to resolve conflicts in a way that enhances collaboration, productivity, and teamwork. Your team will learn how to work together productively and respectfully.

Each video in the Effective People Skills Compilation dramatizes a particular type of conflict and models an ideal response, which is also taught in a corresponding workbook. The modules can be used individually or consecutively, allowing you to create a customized presentation for your organization.

The Effective People Skills Series

Determining the Right Response to Conflict 
Conflict with others is an inevitable part of the workplace—ranging from passive-aggressive to overtly aggressive. This video teaches four powerful strategies to empower employees to turn difficult encounters into productive situations.

Handling Overt Conflict 
One of the most stressful situations for anyone has to be dealing with difficult people. Handling Overt Conflict teaches the skills needed to stay calm and to develop constructive conversations with even the most hot-tempered members of your team.

Handling Covert Conflict 
Not everyone is able to discuss his or her grievances productively. Handling Covert Conflict teaches how to get to the heart of problems and concerns of disgruntled employees, enabling everyone to perform at their best.

The Aikido Approach to Conflict 
Aikido is a non-violent martial art that allows individuals to resolve differences in a harmonious, noncompetitive, and productive manner. The Aikido Approach to Conflict is an essential tool for every workplace, teaching the principles of this martial art in a way that maximizes daily interactions.

Working Collaboratively 
Collaboration is a buzzword in the modern workplace—everyone says they thrive in a collaborative environment, yet far too many employees still operate in silos. Working Collaboratively teaches your staff how to utilize the skills of the entire team, maximizing the talents of all involved.

Everyone has his or her own agenda, but a lack of listening skills can result in lost opportunities, frustration, and avoidable mistakes. Listening teaches participants the four steps needed to be a good listener and how good listening skills benefit the entire team.

Employees who cannot assert themselves eventually end up frustrated and miserable  because they lack the confidence to assert themselves in the workplace. Asserting teaches the skills employees need to express ideas and find greater satisfaction in their careers.

Giving and Receiving Feedback 
Giving and receiving feedback is essential to personal and professional growth, yet many people do not know how to do this effectively. Giving and Receiving Feedback teaches your team how to use these two skills in a nonthreatening and productive manner.

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