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Available Formats

Available Formats

Five Skills for Getting a Yes- short version-DVD (64 mins) - DVD

Item#: LCP022DVS  Language: English
Available Formats

Five Skills for Geting a Yes VHS- full version-DVD (82 mins) - DVD

Item#: LCP022DVF  Language: English
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  • 1995

Key Features

full version is an 82-minute DVD video

short version is a 64-minute DVD video

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Product Description

Featuring Dr. Roger Fisher, Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and co-author of Getting To Yes and Beyond Machiavelli. In FIVE SKILLS FOR GETTING TO YES, a documentary-based program, Dr. Fisher draws on five real-life examples in organizations as diverse as British Alcan--where a hostile labor-management settlement had contributed to work stoppages, wage disputes and walkouts that "left a bad taste in everyone's mouth"--and Boston Public Schools--where, to maintain business' pledge of support, the nation's oldest public school system had to turn around the effects of urban decay, declining student skills and a rising dropout rate.

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With each example, Fisher builds on Harvard Negotiation Project findings and Conflict Management, Inc.'s experience to reveal, define and illustrate the five essential qualities and behaviors held in common by effective negotiators. In FIVE SKILLS FOR GETTING TO YES, Fisher and other CMI professionals guide us through the negotiation process, allowing us to see opposing sides in action. As each case study is developed and negotiating positions, circumstances and partners change, we hear the involved parties describe their own conduct and thinking.

Short-Cut Version of Five Skills for Getting to "Yes" with Dr. Roger Fisher (60 minutes):

This edited version of the full program uses case studies to provide an inside look at the negotiation process, while providing an understanding of negotiating positions.

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