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Available Formats

Available Formats

Constructive Communication DVD (19 mins) - DVD

Item#: LCP037DV  Language: English
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Constructive Communication: How to Give it and How to Take It

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Key Features

19 minute VHS or DVD video; closed captioned
Training package purchase includes a Training Leader's Guide

Digital/Streaming options are available. Call 1-800-488-0319 to obtain a streaming licensing quote, or Send us an email

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Product Description

"Constructive Communication: How to Give it and How to Take It" will help viewers solve problems, strengthen trust, and increase productivity, quality, and teamwork.

There are two ways to give and receive criticism--constructively and destructively. Criticism given or received destructively leads to damaged relationships, unsolved problems, stress, and conflict. Constructive criticism can strengthen relationships, increase productivity, improve quality, and help solve problems.

Introduced in "Constructive Communication" are three techniques for successfully giving and receiving criticism--communicate, clarify, and commit. By following these three techniques, criticism becomes a productive, positive means for changing behavior and gaining results.

How To Training Points:

  • How to focus on the facts, not opinions and personalities
  • How to relieve stress, resolve conflicts, and build mutual trust
  • How to Communicate, Clarify, Commit--the three C's for successful communication

Click here to view the Training Leader's Guide for Constructive Communication.

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