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Available Formats

Just Not Our Kind DVD video - DVD

Item#: LEX003DV  Language: English
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Just Not Our Kind

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  • 2004

Key Features

VHS or DVD training video; preview available in VHS format only

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Product Description

Just Not Our Kind ia a trainer’s favorite because of its fun and lighthearted approach.

Just Not Our Kind is a short, high-impact video that mentally prepares audiences to recognize the positive aspects of diversity.

Through a comic fable, the delightful video features an exciting array of 104 lovable dogs representing the diversity of the workplace and surprise narrators with extremely outmoded perspectives on diversity. It’s all in good fun because this is “doggie culture”—which is what makes the video an extraordinary vehicle for presenting delicate diversity issues without offending anyone.

Audiences will smile throughout this engaging video that uses four-legged friends to demonstrate successful examples of diversity.

It provides compelling new insight into the behaviors and attitudes required in a diverse workplace—and it does so in a memorable way.

Just Not Our Kind can help trainers:

  • Demonstrate the incongruity of stereotypes
  • Focus audiences on the positive aspects of diversity
  • Remind audiences that if they treat others well, fairly and respectfully, they will be treated the same in turn

A lighthearted way to tackle a tough subject.

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