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Available Formats

You the PEOPLE - VHS

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You the PEOPLE: The Seven Citizenship Skills

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  • Charles Heberle III

Key Features

VHS video, 10 Citizen Handbooks, 2 Facilitator Guides, and 10 Constitution BOoklets

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Product Description

Skills learned in this citizenship training program are not only good discussion points around corporate issues like ethics in the workplace, but are also essential to the continued survival of the American democracy. With hands-on and interactive activities, participants will learn important citizenship skills centering on The 7 Citizenship Skills.

Donít underestimate the value of citizenship skills in the workplace, learning many of these skills and concepts are transferable to multiple areas of business operation. Use this innovative citizenship skills video curriculum as a stand alone discussion base, or as part of a larger organizational initiative.

"Within the Character of the Citizen lies the Welfare of the Republic"

The You the PEOPLE Educational Series is the most exciting citizenship training program to be developed in recent years.

This innovative program is:

  • Hands-on, experience-based training
  • Self-teaching: participants teach themselves and others
  • Designed to achieve long-lasting results
  • Pro-active: emphasizes active communitiy or school involvement
  • Dynamic and useful: exercises that have direct application to our daily lives

The You the PEOPLE training program shares and explains The Seven Citizenship Skills:

  • Cooperation - We the people, not the persons
  • Patience - Try to make a more perfect union
  • Fairness - Balance the common good vs. individual rights
  • Respect - Listen to your fellow rulers
  • Strength - Stand up when right, sit down when wrong
  • Self-Improvement - Seek knowledge and skills
  • Balance - Harmonize or compromise
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