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Available Formats

Available Formats

Suble Sexual Harassment- DVD 2-part series (2 programs) - DVD

Item#: QMR009DV  Language: English
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Subtle Sexual Harassment Video Series

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Key Features

The Subtle Sexual Harassment series comes with a comprehensive Facilitator's Guide. Handout pages are incorporated into the guide. Trainers need only to decide which topics would be relevant for individual distribution and which to copy as transparencies. With the purchase of this series, the producer grants you license to make as many copies of the Facilitator's Guide or the handout / transparency pages as you need for your organization.

Program 1 of this series is available in English and Spanish versions.

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Product Description

How do we take our discussion of sexual harassment beyond the obvious cases that everyone already recognizes as wrong and explore the more subtle issues that must be addressed if men and women are to be able to work together in an environment of respect?

Now available in DVD and VHS formats!

Click here to view an online preview and the support materials for this program.

Subtle Sexual Harassment is intended to take the titillation out of sex harassment training and allow employees to go beyond the obvious cases most of us already recognize as wrong. In so doing, we open our eyes and minds to the more subtle aspects and impacts of our own behavior.

Subtle Sexual Harassment explores:

  • the abuse of power in the workplace
  • personal relationships and dating between employees
  • peer pressure to conform to a work group's sexual values
  • the challenges facing women or men in non-traditional work environments
  • organizational liability in sex harassment cases
  • rumors as harassment
  • and much more

Program Contents:
Program 1, The Issue is Respect, tackles complex issues. What one employee may consider sexual harassment, another may find perfectly acceptable. Both men and women can be and are victims of hostile work environments and subtle Quid Pro Quo behavior. The standards by which such behavior is measured are changing. Attorneys, psychologists, human resource professionals and a troupe of exceptional actors take us through the legal, psychological, cultural and moral issues.   (Available in English and Spanish versions.)

Program 2, Management's New Responsibilities, is an extension of the first program in both style and content. We examine the legal liability issues and questions of personal responsibility that managers and supervisors must face. We also explore how we can create a workplace free of sexual harassment, the elements of a good sexual harassment policy and how to handle complaints once they are received.  (Available in English only.)

Flexible Training:
The training package is versatile and comprehensive. It offers 3 training options:
1) a stand alone presentation of the videos
2) video showing followed by discussion
3) complete interactive course including exercises and discussion questions

Each program in Subtle Sexual Harassment includes several unusual dramatizations designed to help focus and stimulate discussion. There are 9 of these scenarios.

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