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Available Formats

Available Formats

Managing the Multicultural Workplace (10 programs) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV  Language: English
Available Formats

Why Value Diversity? (26 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV1  Language: English
Available Formats

Understanding Our Biases and Assumptions (14 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV2  Language: English
Available Formats

Men and Women Working Together (18 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV3  Language: English
Available Formats

Sexual Harassment (19 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV4  Language: English
Available Formats

Recruiting and Interviewing (18 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV5  Language: English
Available Formats

Helping New Employees Feel Valued (12 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV6  Language: English
Available Formats

Meeting the Diversity Challenge (16 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV7  Language: English
Available Formats

Success Strategies for Minorities (21 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV8  Language: English
Available Formats

The Future Is Now: Celebrating Diversity (26 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DV9  Language: English
Available Formats

Understanding Different Cultural ValuesStyles:DVDR (27 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM115DVR10  Language: English
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The Mosaic Workplace: Managing the Multicultural Workplace (video series)


  • 1991

Key Features

10-part DVD video series

Prices include public performance rights.

Only available in the US and Canada.

ISBN Number: 0-89113-916-8

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Product Description

This series addresses the problems and opportunities of the demographic reality of the ’90s and beyond. Native-born whites whose first language is English will soon constitute the minority in the workforce—a mosaic of colors, languages, and cultural traditions and values—and an immense challenge for both managers and workers. These programs address the numerous issues involved in making the mosaic workplace a more productive one. 10-part series.

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The The Mosaic Workplace: Managing the Multicultural Workplace series includes:

  • Why Value Diversity?
  • Understanding Our Biases and Assumptions
  • Men and Women Working Together
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Helping New Employees Feel Valued
  • Meeting the Diversity Challenge
  • Success Strategies for Minorities
  • The Future Is Now: Celebrating Diversity
  • Understanding Different Cultural Values and Styles

Why Value Diversity?

This program deals with the realities of the multiracial, multilingual work force in a society that continues to practice racism and sexism. An attorney, a corporate executive, a human resources manager, and a teacher explain some of the steps that can be taken by individuals to adapt to, make the best of, and, in fact, benefit from the new realities. (26 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-839-9)

Understanding Our Biases and Assumptions

This program deals with the nature of biases and preconceptions, pointing out that almost everyone sees the world from his or her own perspective and stressing the need to examine one’s own thinking about "us" and "them." It covers the subjects of being "in" and "out" and the role of peer groups, community institutions, schools, and the media in determining what is "good" and "bad"; permits members of minorities to speak out about how bias affects their lives; and challenges viewers to examine their own biases and overcome them. (14 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-840-2)

Men and Women Working Together

This program is devoted to the issues raised by the changing roles of women in the workplace: discrimination based on sex and the legal issues involved, and the more common issues of confusion, resentment, and lack of cooperation and emotional support engendered by the change in the traditional roles of men and women in the workplace. (18 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-841-0 color)

Sexual Harassment

Using the EEOC definition of sexual harassment, this program shows how this damaging and expensive problem in the workplace takes place, how situations get out of hand, and how the problem can be addressed and stopped. It reviews all the well-worn excuses for ignoring harassment, provides suggestions for action if harassment is suspected, and highlights the cost of failing to take action at various stages of harassment. (19 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-842-9)

Recruiting and Interviewing

This program shows how good recruitment efforts and effective, non-biased job interviews can help managers find and select the best employees for today’s diverse workplace. (18 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-843-7)

Helping New Employees Feel Valued

This program is designed to give viewers a sense of what it is like for a member of a minority to be the new employee in a department or company. Following an African American professional woman on her first days on the job, viewers recognize the acts and omissions that cause her to feel isolated, unimportant, unwanted, and unmotivated—and thus learn to avoid these errors when interacting with new employees in real-life situations. (12 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-844-5)

Meeting the Diversity Challenge

This program begins with a fuzzy picture; but before viewers can adjust the image, the point has been made: managers of an increasingly diverse work force need to have a clear picture of what is really going on. The program points out the six major challenges managers confront in developing a clear and unbiased picture, and helps viewers hone their techniques to achieve this goal. (16 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-845-3)

Success Strategies for Minorities

This program is addressed to the minority worker; the perceptive manager will learn from the viewpoint of the minority worker how to deal with many of the problems of making diversity a harmonious and not a disruptive fact of life. A prominent African American consultant shares some down-to-earth techniques for success in corporate America, and explains how to turn the anger that results from discrimination into a positive force. (21 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-846-1)

The Future Is Now: Celebrating Diversity

This program is devoted to the ways in which the demands of a diverse work force can best be met: how schools can help prepare students, how businesses can help build bridges, how all Americans can—and must—learn to value, respect, and benefit from diversity in society and in the workplace. (26 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-847-X )

Understanding Different Cultural Values and Styles

This program refutes the melting pot theory, explaining that employees do not—and should not be expected to—set aside their particular cultural values when they come to work. The most successful organizations and managers are those who understand diversity and seek to profit from it; this program presents the views of African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Native Americans who share their work experiences and demonstrate that what they want from others is no more than an open mind and a fair chance. (37 minutes, ISBN Number:  1-56950-848-8)

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