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Available Formats

Gum In My Hair - DVD (20 mins) - DVD

Item#: ITM003DV  Language: English
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Gum in My Hair!: How to Cope with a Bully

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Key Features

DVD video

ideal for Grades 4-8

comprehensive facilitator's guide included in purchase


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Product Description

Gum In My Hair is an engaging and amusing answer to the serious problem of bullying. Bullying can have a lasting effect on a child as noted by psychologist, Dave Scratchley, Ph.D. who is featured in the program.

Gum In My Hair looks at what bullying is, its effects on people and how it makes them feel. Gum In My Hair is a new way to deal with an old topic, and will be invaluable to anyone wanting to help children learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Click here to view a sample of the facilitator's guide: Gum In My Hair facilitators guide sample.


"It's invaluable to anyone wanting to help children."
Washington State Attorney General's Office

"Gum in my Hair is OUTSTANDING!! Excellent for kids; fast-paced, exciting, effective. It's a wonderful video to use with elementary-age students. It offers strategies for both victims and bullies."
Casey Marx, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

"There are SO many teachable moments"
Cheryl Drewel, Educational Specialist

"For a lot of years I've taught at the university, and I always ask my classes how many felt an impact from bullying, and probably a third raise their hands and say, 'You know I'm still carrying with me a sad or frightened memory about someone doing something to me.'"
Dave Scratchley, Ph.D

"Excellent - quick, informative."
Susan Sandonel, Educational Service Unit 10, Kearny, NE

"This video was a lot better than videos I have watched in the past"
Jamie, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Grass Valley, CA

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