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How Leaders Boost Productivity DVD (51 min) - DVD

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How Leaders Boost Productivity

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  • 1997

Key Features

51-minute DVD

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Product Description

a Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Briefing
John H. Zenger, PhD
Chairman, Zenger Institute of Performance

How Leaders Boost Productivity Highlights:

  • Changing the corporate culture and reward system.
  • Revising the definition of leadership.
  • Teaching productivity through imitation.

There are three things that make the difference in becoming a leader or being led: product quality, customer service, and productivity. Having made significant increases in product quality and customer service, the biggest challenge facing managers today lies in improving the productivity of their organizations. A leading authority on organizational change and high performance systems, Zenger discusses practical methods to help an organization shed its past and raise its standard for higher performance in "How Leaders Boost Productivity." 

John H. (Jack) Zenger, PhD, retired in 1996 from his position as Chairman of Times Mirror Training, Inc., a corporation that included Learning International, Kaset International, Zenger-Miller, Inc., and Allen Communication, the largest group of training companies in the world. In 1997, he co-founded Zenger-Miller, which was twice selected as one of Inc. magazines 500 fastest growing privately held companies. He is co-author of five books. Making 2 + 2 = 5: 22 Action Steps Leaders Take to Boost Productivity, is a guide written specifically for managers and executives.

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