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Available Formats

Available Formats

PREVIEW Lessons from Geese Teambuilding Pkg. DVD (32 mins) - DVD

Item#: DTM001DV  Language: English
Available Formats

Lessons From Geese Training Pkg.- DVD version - DVD

Item#: DTM001DV  Language: English
Available Formats

Lessons From Geese Training Pkg-DVD-nonprofit/govnt discount (DVD) - DVD

Item#: DTM001DV2  Language: English
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Lessons from Geese

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  • Feb. 2001

Key Features

The entire Geese Experience Training Package is available in VHS or DVD format.
The training package includes: the 32 minute video (a 2 minute base video and a 30 minute loop of alternating footage and lessons), and the The Geese Experience CD-ROM.
The Geese Experience CD-ROM, included in the VHS training package, contains: a guide, overheads, questions and Power Point presentation.
The DVD version includes a single DVD with all training materials on the same DVD (along with the video).

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Product Description

Team Building Exercise & Self-Mastery Guide

This new revised training package adds value to your use of the best selling "Lessons from Geese" video inside any enterprise.

Includes leader's guide, questionnaire, overhead transparencies, PowerPoint presentation and self-mastery guide

The Leaderís Guide

The newly revised Geese Experience Training Package makes the valuable lessons from the Lessons from Geese video accessible to groups from any business enterprise. The leaderís guide at the heart of the program will aid trainers and group leaders in building a 90-minute session for teamwork mastery.

Lessons include:

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing

Aids such as the included PowerPoint presentation and reproducible handouts will help you effectively communicate and teach these principles to your group.

The Self-Mastery Guide

The handouts included in the leaderís guide include the valuable self-mastery guide, a tool that will enable each participant to plan and track personal changes.

Lessons from Geese

The two-minute video Lessons from Geese lies at the heart of this program and can be used alone as a motivational opening or closing for any corporate gathering. Its principles are designed to provide a foundation for any team building session, and the concepts are timeless yet unique enough to be used over and over within an organization. With help from geese, you can raise the mood, improve morale and develop commitment toward optimal performance throughout your organization.

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