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Meeting Planning

Focused, collaborative meetings will take your teams from 0 to 60 in no time flat. Rely on the strength of these training programs to rev up the power of every group gathering in your organization.

If you have a meeting coming up, two of your main concerns will be to keep your people focused and motivated. We've selected some training programs and videos to help get your meeting started well. These programs are sure to add some zest. You can keep people alert, break the ice or just enhance your meetings with these award-winning programs. If your meetings start off well, the rest of your program will be easy.

Presentation Topics

Focused meetings are an essential aspect of your teams communication and planning strategies. Efficiently run and focused meetings can enable your team attain company objectives. These training programs offer strategies and tools for planning and facilitating meetings.
Meeting Openers
These training programs offer a variety of tools for setting the tone and focus of effective meetings. Some may even add some excitement and fun to your meetings. If you want to help your people break the ice, stay alert, or just start a meeting successfully, these programs are the resources you need!
Muppet Openers
Let the Muppet crew give your meetings a boost with their award-winning programs. You'll laugh and you'll love the way the MUPPETS approach every business situation. These programs are packaged to give you maximum flexibility. Now, you can pick and choose your favorite programs a la carte.