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Available Formats

Available Formats

Worplace Violence DVD ONLY - ENGLISH (14 mins) - DVD

Item#: V000VIL9EM  Language: English
Available Formats

Workplace Violence DVD ONLY - SPANISH (14 min) - DVD

Item#: V000VIL9SM  Language: Spanish
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Workplace Violence Safety Meeting Kit Series

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  • 1996

Key Features

14-minute training program; available in a variety of formats.

Available in English or Spanish.

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Product Description

One out of every six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. And while workplace homicides grab the headlines... (homicide is the second leading cause of death on the job and the number one killer of women in the workplace)... other forms of workplace violence happen much more frequently. No organization, regardless of size or type of business, is immune to workplace violence.

These training products on "Workplace Violence" show employees how to recognize the warning signs of possible violent behavior, as well as how to avoid or defuse potentially dangerous situations. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Underlying causes of workplace violence.
  • The warning signs.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Threats and verbal abuse.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Physical assault.
  • Armed assailants.
  • Fostering a positive workplace environment.
  • and more.

DVD Programs:

The DVD programs provide all the information that is needed for a comprehensive employee training session. Programs come with an easy-to-use leader's guide, scheduling and attendance forms, employee quiz and training certificate.DVDs are subtitled and allow the course to be played from beginning to end or by section, and are indexed so that sections can be accessed in any order.  Available in English and Spanish.

Safety Meeting Kits:

Safety Meeting Kits provide all of the materials needed to promote and conduct a safety meeting. Each Kit contains a DVD program, 5 posters and 30 booklets.  DVD kits come with an easy-to-use leader's guide, scheduling and attendance forms, and an employee quiz.  Available in English and Spanish.

Employee Booklets (available in packs of 15 booklets):

The employee booklets summarize vital information about safety and regulatory compliance topics.  The 16-page, fully-illustrated booklets give employees something to take with them after finishing their training sessions, and reinforce important safety messages. Booklets correspond to each Safety Meeting Kit and Regulatory Compliance Kit topic.  All booklets include a one-page quiz.  Available in both English and Spanish.


The General Safety and Regulatory Compliance posters remind employees that safety is crucial, and underscore their employer's safety theme for the month or quarter.

  • Measure 18x24 inches.
  • Correspond to each Safety Meeting Kit and Regulatory Compliance Kit topic.
  • Fit into all standard display frames and racks.
  • Available in English or Spanish.

Interactive CD-ROM's:

Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, this course from the Interactive CD-ROM Training Library provides the most cost-effective training available today. The course features platform software which installs automatically, and comprehensive user's and trainer's guides. The course takes about 45 minutes to complete (depending on the employee), and is divided into a number of logical sections so information is easily understood... and retained.


Also designed with the training manager in mind, all courses in the Interactive CD-ROM Training Library come with CourseWorks, a complete learning management system (LMS) at no additional cost.  Available in both English and Spanish.

Over 100 titles currently available in the Interactive CD-ROM Training Library. Other interactive courses on safety and regulatory compliance topics (including Spanish language courses) are currently being developed and will be available soon.

Safety Game:

A "Jeopardy"-style, computer-based game, the Safety Game makes learning fun, as employees are divided into teams that compete for the highest "safety score."  Games may be purchased alone, or with DVD programs on the same topics to provide a complete safety meeting package.

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