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Available Formats

Reducing Violent Crime DVD (23 mins) - DVD

Item#: CAM072DV  Language: English
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Reducing Violent Crime

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Reducing Violent Crime


  • 1995

Key Features

Format: DVD

This product is available within the United States of America and Canada ONLY.

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Product Description

Every year, 20 million violent crimes are committed in America. Reducing Violent Crime looks at some of the ways in which people are trying to stop the cycle of crime and violence: working with inmates and ex-offenders; citizens and police working together to get prostitutes, drug dealers, and gang activities off the streets.

Despite the high number of violent crimes are committed in America, people are working to stop the cycle of crime and violence. Citizens on Patrol illustrates how communities are intervening to reduce crime."Reducing Violent Crime" also shows some ways in which crime can be prevented and people can avoid becoming victims. (23 minutes, color)

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